-freeware murder simulator for the masses

Nov 22, 2015



Anonymous said...

Any news?

Anonymous said...

Where are the fucking updates you cunt?
Sieg Heil!

Anonymous said...

cleaned up sound code

busy breaking the bit barrier |🔨
bruteforce solution exists, but I am looking for a key 🔑
find the key and you get unlimited data
My Integer Interferometer should be able to detect key.
ETA on final test result: tonight or tomorrow.
NULL result is to be expected, statistically speaking.
If experiment fails, development will resume.
If key is found,
2GB voxel data will only take ~2MB = dense HATEWARE that's easy to distribute

JoeJoe said...

All us anonymous posters are not the same, just so you know. Jeez, I guess I'll make a name after the poster on 1-23 called you a cunt. Leave the dev alone, and have some respect, he is working hard and you call him names. Get a life.

onymous said...


Not Tim Portant said...

Where are the fucking updates, you cunt?!

Anonymous said...

I apologize for my fellow Voxelstein enthusiasts. Is there any news sir? ;-)