V O X E L S T E I N  3 D

-freeware murder simulator for the masses

Development has been delayed because I'm learning C++ (the most hated language on planet).
There is not much gameplay at the moment. Just trivial things like game menu and shit.

22nd May 2014, PROgreSS report:

With a little Divine Intervention from Hans Krieg, transparency and materials have been successfully implemented:

Review of new Wolfenstein game, "The New Order"
Design: degenerate.
Gameplay: degenerate.
Overall score: 0/10 DEGENERATE

A Disgrace to the Wolfenstein Spirit!

id Software's Wolfenstein 3D is a game about killing, pure mindless killing. Mass Murder. Genocide.
The whole Nazi theme was just a convenient way to make software vendors/consumers praise the violence (commercialized murder).

The developers even admit: they added stealth gameplay (drag and hide bodies) but ended up removing the feature when they realized they just enjoyed killing, pure mindless killing.

Make no mistake:
VOXELSTEIN 3D  is the *ONLY* Spiritual Successor to Wolfenstein 3D.