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Apr 20, 2015




Anonymous said...

The man delivers, you betcha new weapons, great music and atmosfear, can you clone yourself like on that financial commercial on TV? Babies aren't made in 3 months, but I want maa Voxelstein :)!

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about that financial commercial you are talking about, but I can tell you for a fact that you can get a KFC Snacker for just $0.99:


Think about it . . That is less than the dollar that the criminal nigger in that commercial "found" in the couch located in his white "friend"'s apartment .

Subliminal Racism in KFC commercial? Or just documenting reality using re-enactment scenes?

Also note the blonde woman who is clearly having an affair with the criminal nigger.
KFC for breakfast/lunch .. big fat BBC for dinner . .

If you discovered a dollar in a couch that does not belong to you, would you . . loot it ? if you are black, I would say answer is closer to Yes than No .

We could go on for hours. . We could talk about all the subliminal stuff in that video. . Like number of Triangles and whatnot .

However . . Frames do not finish themselves . If you are not a Nazi, you will not succeed. Survival of The Fittest, only Strongest Survives .
I guess that is what makes Voxelstein so great . Natural Selection at its Finest . Be Wary of Shills / Snakes . Be Wary of Degenerate Indi€ "games"

I could rant for hours . We could do this all day .

But I must prepare . . For 22 July Update *BREIFIST*


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I wasn't too clear with my comment, really I was asking you jokingly to clone yourself so the game could get finished as soon as possible. I know you are working as much as you possibly can and are basically doing it all yourself. In the financial commercial I was talking about, a lady clones herself and has 4 of them and they play tennis, etc. and have such a happy life, do they even know they are clones? Really weird. Your comments about the commercials of today are spot on, really lots of subliminal and just plain stupid and evil behavior going on. The game looks awesome and over the top, probably most people will be offended and not even get what you are saying, but I've been following the game for a while and I find it hilarious. There aren't many games with this style anymore to make you fall over laughing! I know you say it's release will be "when it's done", just like id software titles, I had a hard time waiting for Doom, etc. but when those bits hit my drive it'll be non stop eat play eat play crash for sleep! :)

Anonymous said...

Voxelstein 3d uses Qt framework or Boost?

Anonymous said...

V3D does not use any library bundle packs, it uses normal/standard libraries, some created from scratch.

Currently, FLTK v1.3.2 is used for GUI, this is of course totally unacceptable and I Plan to Deport this Degenerate Dependency.

I Question use of Bundles

"Humble" Indi€ Bundle.
Bundled with Bloatware. (Unwanted $oftware)

Oldest trick in The Bolshevik Book / The Hipster Handbook

Develop. Eat.
Crash 4 sleep.

Story of Mein Leben