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Dec 14, 2014

Killable Kids™

A couple of years ago, Adam Lanza contacted me. He wrote me an e-mail asking if there will be Killable Kids™ in Voxelstein.
I replied "Yes, of course".
He then kept begging me to release a new demo.
I said "BITCH, you're just gonna have to wait until game is finished just like all the other gamer kids out there."

We all know what happened next.


Anonymous said...

What happened next? :P

apegomp said...

No1 really knows. It is a Mystery.

There is not a single photographic evidence of any of the alleged kills, just some broken glass, and plenty of paid actors by the looks of it. According to laws of physics, if children are killed, blood is usually spilled. Cause and effect. But there is not 1 single drop of blood in any of the images released. Adam Lanza (key suspect) is therefore innocent until proven otherwise.

We know Columbine was real. We studied the photographic evidence. It was awesome. LOL

Pics or it didn't happen.

Visual confirmation is needed to confirm the Kill.

Step 1: Spray n Pray
Step 2: Confirm the Kill

TO confirm the kill you need visual confirmation.

No visual confirmation = No Kill.