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May 11, 2014

A Review

Review of new Wolfenstein game, "The New Order"
Developer: M✡chineG✡me$
Design: degenerate.
Gameplay: degenerate.
Overall score: 0/10 DEGENERATE

A Disgrace to the Wolfenstein Spirit!

id Software's Wolfenstein 3D is a game about killing, pure mindless killing. Mass Murder. Genocide.
The whole Nazi theme was just a convenient way to make software vendors/consumers praise the violence (commercialized murder).

The developers even admit: they added stealth gameplay (drag and hide bodies) but ended up removing the feature when they realized they just enjoyed killing, pure mindless killing.

Make no mistake:
VOXELSTEIN 3D  is the *ONLY* Spiritual Successor to Wolfenstein 3D.


Dolphin© said...


apegomp said...

I'm afraid we only have walking, running, crouching, jumping and flashlight at the moment.


Dolphin© said...

No weapons or NPC? There were in the demo D:

apegomp said...

The demo uses the VOXLAP engine by Ken Silverman.

Because of the limitations of the VOXLAP engine, Hans Krieg decided to create a new engine from scratch.

Hans Krieg stopped working on the engine in June 2, 2011. Now I am stuck with an unfinished engine and a ton of content.

But I'm still getting help and support, so there's still hope in all this madness.

Dolphin© said...

omg, I hope you make a playable demo :3 Love your maps

Anonymous said...

Man, you dudes need to get some publicity, ASAP.

matt pwner said...
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matt pwner said...

where can i download it?
also this name isnt real
i never use my real name or my real age lol :D

Anonymous said...

Would you consider releasing the engine/source and the tools? I think a lot of cool shit could be done if the right people got a hold of it.

Anonymous said...

Is this still even being worked on...?

DANIELO said...

Dude, please continue working on this or release the tools to let others continue your work. Don't let this awesome work to go off.

Anonymous said...

That's all right, but...


Whatewer, but we need something to know what you didn't leave us!

Even the Wikipedia don't belive you! I hope, you can take now some playable demo. Let it be with big bugs, errors, mistakes, silly jokes, bad german or english languge, - but all of us need DEMO!!!

If you'll do it, i'll say you big thanks.

P.S. I'm from Russia. Yes, even we need good computer games from excellent fan companies :)

Dolphin© said...

I came here again after some years and all i can say is i really hope you get help to finish the game because it looks fucking amazing! Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I"LL KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T RELEASE A DEMO! Wait I'm sorry baby! Please come back I didn't mean it! No don't go to your moms house! That bitch doesn't understand what you mean to me!